When it comes to throwing a legendary Christmas Day party, Mrs Jane Myles simply cannot be beaten. Her son-in-law Shane Bosh says Jane’s Legendary Christmas parties are amazing. In fact, when we asked for the kings and queens of Christmas to come forward, Shane was quick to respond with his recommendation of Jane’s amazing Christmas parties. And, we could not wait to meet this master of Christmas Day.

Jane says the tradition of hosting a legendary Christmas Day party started some 10 years ago. Her dying mother-in-law’s wish was for her to inherit the family Christmas dinner set. And, with it the ultimate family Christmas tradition too.

Shane Bosh and his Mother-In-Law Jane Myles.

A Family Christmas

For Jane, Christmas is about family and she says that every year her family grows just a little. Christmas in Jane’s household starts with a family Champaign breakfast. Then throughout the day snacks and finger foods are shared with those she cherishes so dearly. At around 6 in the evening, the family sits down for her legendary Christmas feast.

Among the traditions of the day is the walking of the Turkey after it is stuffed. “This is done as a measure of good luck for the family”. Jane also serves a traditional Scottish Clootie Dumpling filled with silver coins.

The food that everyone is most likely to go back for seconds is Jane’s incredible fillet. “We have fillet throughout the year but the fillet we get at Christmas is the biggest of the year”. Her favourite Christmas meal is Turkey. “You can get everything else throughout the year but Turkey is for Christmas”.

Turkey, Turkey, and More Turkey

“You end up having Turkey on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the day after that. You know Christmas is over when you have Turkey curry with the last of the Christmas bird”. Jane’s secret to pulling off her legendary Christmas Day celebrations is planning and organisation. Everyone has their little bit to do.