Avid Karaglen SuperSpar shopper Bernie Pratt believes in sharing her Magical Christmas with those she loves. For the last 15 years, she has spent the day with close family and friends. She has watched her children grow up to love Christmas and now looks forward to spending many a Magical Christmas with her 12 grandchildren.

For Bernie, the excitement of Christmas kicks in at the start of December. “That’s when the stores start playing Christmas music. In my home, we usually put up our very big Christmas tree on 1 December and that’s when the serious Christmas Day planning begins”.

Christmas Traditions

All the grandchildren know that Christmas Eve is the best at Nana’s. The grandchildren will spend the night. “Our family’s first tradition is for the children to open up specially created Christmas even gift boxes. They will each get a new set of PJ’s, a Christmas Movie and a treat”. They are then bathed and put to bed with a Christmas story.

The second Christmas family tradition happens on Christmas Day. “We put secret gifts in the Christmas tree. Once everyone arrives at the house on Christmas Day, each person has a chance to shake the tree until a gift falls out. If the gift that falls out doesn’t have your name on it you put the gift back and give the tree another shake”.

Magical Christmas Lunch

“Once all the secret gifts have found their owners we move on the large pile of presents under the tree”. The family then gathers around and everyone helps set the Magical Christmas table. “My favourite Christmas dish is Gammon and seasonal veggies. I always cook my gammon with a sweet Cherry Glaze”. The item on Bernie’s Magical Christmas menu which everyone is most likely to go back for more is her legendary dessert. “I make a stunning Tickey Pudding and everyone cannot wait to dig in”.

“We always hide money in the pudding and if you find any of it, you get to keep it. We’ve had this tradition in my family since I was a little girl, many years ago”. Bernie’s top Christmas tip is to get as much done before the day. “Prep what you can before the day arrives. You’ll be less rushed and will have time to enjoy everything that makes Christmas Day so magical”.