Of the random fun food days celebrated around the world, we simply love the idea of National Whipped Cream Day the most. Yes! There is such a day as National Whipped Cream Day and it is celebrated annually on 5 January.

One of the simplest ways to celebrate the day is to mix a little cocoa powder with your freshly whipped cream and call it a day. But honestly, there is so much more you can do with whipped cream. Let your imagination go while with our top picks for making use of whipped cream.

If you’re looking for some tasty ideas check out our top picks below and remember you can pick up fresh cream at Karaglen SuperSpar! Before you let your imagination run wild let’s get started with a few of the basics.

Strawberries and whipped cream

Not only is this mix a classic but it is also known as the official breakfast at Wimbledon. Mixing up a fresh batch of whipped cream and throwing in a few delicious strawberries is a mind-blowing combination.

Add some chocolate

If you’re ready to take it up a notch, add a little cocoa powder to your whipped cream to bring out the best in your dessert. This combination is a dream come true for chocolate lovers the world over.

Go nuts for coconut cream

If you were wondering this actually exists and we didn’t just make it up. You need just two simple ingredients to make this delectable dessert topping. Firstly you will need to get your hands on a little full-fat coconut milk and some powdered sugar. Check out this cool recipe on how to create this stunning dessert addition.

Booze it up

We’re all about this delicious Whipped Cream variant. Simply add one teaspoon of the liquor fo your choice to one cup of freshly whipped cream. Next, add a little sugar and a touch of vanilla essence if you choose and you’re ready to go. We suggest adding this topping to peaches or strawberries.

Chocolate mousse madness

If you’re looking for a sinfully delightful dessert we’ve got you covered! Simply melt some dark or milk chocolate chips in the microwave and fold in a little whipped cream. Once the dish reached the consistency you desire, refrigerate until ready to serve. Your dessert dream could not be easier to achieve.

Milkshakes you’ll love

Topping off your milkshake with a little whipped cream is a classic. To make the milkshake mix full cream milk with ice-cream, the usual ratio for this is one cup of milk for every two scoops of ice-cream. Add in a little flavouring or nuts and top with whipped cream. Decadence could not be easier.

Whipped Cream Pound Cake

Those who sit down and create delicious foodie items are something else. A few years ago someone came up with a way to make a pound cake with whipped cream. Sounds crazy right, but the result has been a super fluffy concoction. Check out our recipe for a Whipped Cream Pound Cake here.