Oral Health Day celebrates good mouth hygiene. And while brushing our teeth plays a big role in keeping our mouths clean so do the foods we eat. For a healthy mouth, we need a combination of a healthy diet and good mouth hygiene. Why is this? Well, when you eat anything you are feeding the bacteria in your mouth. Food with high sugar and starch content make better food for mouth bacteria.

Starches and sugars turn to acid when they come into contact with the bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria then cover the teeth and attacks the teeth. Eating a healthy diet and regular brushing can prevent a lot of this decay.

Good Tooth Foods

Foods such as fruits and veggies which are high in fibre help to keep gums and teeth clean this Oral Health Day. These foods speed up the body’s production of saliva used to fight the effects of bacteria. You can also speed up saliva production with sugar-free gum. Additionally, dairy product including milk and plain yoghurts go a long way in restoring mineral levels in teeth. Calcium in dairy products has the ability to rebuild enamel.

Teas, especially black and green, can fight off bacteria have been known to fight off bacteria growth. Fluoride is a common additive for our water. But did you know that certain foods also contain fluoride? Some commercially products foods also contain fluoride including cereals and chicken.

Bad Tooth Foods

It goes without saying that at the top of this list are hard sweets. Let’s not forget sticky sweets. So that means we should all do our part to take in less refined sugar sweets such as toffees and lollies. Some people believe that chocolate is better for you than hard sweets. This is because, as some say, Chocolate can be cleaned off far easier than sweets. Another no go for teeth are starchy meals and this includes chips and bread. Fizzy cold drinks are among the worst for teeth as are foods that dry out your mouth.

Tooth Tips

  • Rinse your mouth after eating sugary foods
  • Drink water often
  • Limit snacking
  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Floss regularly

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