Christmas food traditions are a whole event on their own. In South Africa, Christmas is a celebration surrounded by time spent with friends and family. And, of course, Christmas in South Africa is a time for food. So much food! We love our South African Christmas traditions but did you know that we share many of our traditions with the British?

Yip, that’s right, many of the classically South African Christmas food traditions such as mince pies and roast meats were actually adapted from the British. There’s no doubt that South Africans can put together a mouth0watering Christmas food display and here are a few of our favourites:


Gammons is a Christmas classic in South Africa. Seriously, what would any Christmas lunch table be without a delicious glazed gammon? We think the best accompaniment for a glazed gammon is without a doubt roast potatoes and veggies.

Check out our how-to guide for preparing THE best gammon this Christmas day.


Okay so this one isn’t as popular as it used to be but there are still quite a few people who enjoy a roast turkey on Christmas day. And, when cooked correctly, Christmas turkey is tender and juicy. One of the best parts of cooking a Christmas turkey has got to be the stuffing! Why not give you Christmas turkey a truly South African twist and put that beauty on the braai?


Ah, the ever-popular lamb! What could be better than a slow-roasted leg of lamb? It’s indulgent, fragrant and served best with veggies and gravy. Please don’t forget the potatoes. You can’t serve roast lamb without potatoes.


While many people choose to have seafood as their starter course for Christmas lunch, we think the deliciousness of the ocean can be just as nice served as a main course. Line-fish, mussels and prawns make an excellent light South African Christmas lunch. Oh, and it’s also heart-friendly!

What’s your favourite Christmas dish?

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