The term recycling can be overwhelming for many. The idea of gathering up similar items and waiting for a chance to drop them off at a suitable and safe location can be daunting. But recycling is not all about making sure you recycle used materials. Recycling also means re-using things such as plastic bottles, glass containers and yes, plastic bags.

In fact, converting old used products into something new is a growing trend worldwide. Recycling and reusing materials are the most environmentally friendly solution for saving the planet. And, everyone in the house can benefit the world that every household can do. There are fun and sustainable ways to re-use plastic bags. Here are a few of our own incredible solutions:

For Holidays

December holidays might seem quite far off at this point but they really aren’t. If you’re planning of heading out of town for a little December break, you’ll be packing a suitcase or two. Plastic bags are very useful for keeping liquids from spilling all over your luggage. Additionally, they can be used to protect your clothing from dirty shoes and wet clothing items.

In the Bathroom

Use plastic shopping bags to line bathroom bins. When the bin is full, simply tie the bag and discard it with the rest of your household rubbish.

For Dough

Plastic bags which have been cut in half make for a great non-stick surface on your kitchen counter. Use the bag as a base to roll out dough for bread, vetkoek and other pastries. If you want to make the process of rolling out dough even easier, place the dough between two plastic bags before rolling out. Remember to wash the bags first.

In the Car

You can never go wrong with keeping a few plastic bags neatly packed away in your car. They can be used if a child or other passenger feels carsick or even for transporting items which leak often such as brake fluid or anti-freeze. Additionally, keeping a plastic bag in your car makes for easy car cleaning, especially when you have little ones.

For Food Prep

Plastic bags are great for use during food prep. Simply lay one down on the kitchen counter when chopping and peeling veggies. If you’re feeling really creative use two bag. Place items that can be composted into one bag and general refuse items into another. This is a great hack for keeping your counter tops clean which you work on creating those amazing Karaglen SuperSpar recipes.

Padding and Stuffing

Used plastic bags also make great padding for items you may be shipping. Or when you’re moving home. Simply stuff a few used plastic bags around fragile items to prevent them from breaking when they are transported. Alternatively, they can be used as stuffing for cushions and pet beds. This is especially helpful in Winter because plastic bags retain heat. Make sure you keep those pets warm.

Plant Protection

Winter frost can be deadly for delicate plants. To protect them during colder weather simply tie a plastic bag around the plant at night and remove it during the day. The best way to do this is to ensure that the plastic bag fully covers the leaves of the plant.

Karaglen SuperSpar encourages residents to become more sustainable. Reusing the old single-use plastic bag is a great way to start sustainable living right at home. Do you have any other ideas for using plastic bags? Drop us a message on Facebook.