When you visit Karaglen SuperSpar on your next shopping trip be part of the #PlasticRevolution and check out the plastic bag alternatives we have in store. You no longer have to choose the traditional plastic bag to take your groceries home. And, in fact, we’re happy to report the more customers are choosing either our paper bags or the thicker reusable bags.

Last year, Spar set out to be part of the #PlasticRevolution and create a new exciting range of shopping bags which are not only eye-catching but also eco-friendly. The prices of the bags vary depending on the materials used. The paper bags are the cheapest of the new range. On the other end of the scale is the larger taxi bag. Other changes made included the introduction of a new plastic bag, which is made with 8% calcium. This ensures that when customers do choose plastic bags, they are still making a better choice.

Take a look at the options we have available at Karaglen SuperSpar:


For many years, customers have made use of simple single-use plastic bags. These are convenient and easy to carry. The new spar bags are made from recycled materials. The bags are also 100% recyclable. But, did you know you can use these bags more than once? That’s right our Spar plastic bags can be used again and again for shopping. Apart from this, there are also a number of other things you can do with your Spar plastic bags. Check out our guide here.

be part of the #PlasticRevolution

Be part of the #PlasticRevolution.


When Spar undertook to #ReThinkTheBag, we introduced the paper bag. This option can be used by customers who no longer want to use plastic bags. The paper spar bags are designed to be used several times. They are durable and feature sturdy handles. The paper bags, however, do not fare so well when wet. Our paper bags are great for carrying fresh produce and boxed and canned goods.

Woven Bags

Spar has a selection of brightly coloured woven bags. These are washable and easy to store. The woven bags are great for keeping in the car to use on your next shopping trip. They are crafted from high-quality material. This means they can be used several times.

Non-woven Bags

These high quality thick non-woven bags are great for extended use. You’ll get many year’s use out of the Spar non-woven bags. They are available in both a cooler and non-cooler variety.

Taxi Bags

The new taxi bags are the newest edition to the Spar family. They are large enough to carry a single shopping trip and durable enough to last a long time. The bags are also washable. The most attractive feature of these bags is their materials. That’s right; the bags are crafted from recycled materials, making them 100% sustainable.

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