SPAR Freshline potato range has the following propositions:

Facts about Spar Freshline Potatoes:

  • All freshline washed potatoes are guaranteed Class One
  • All potatoes in the Country Value range are positioned to be priced flighting Class Two.
  • There is a range of packaging and price points that will suit all pockets.
  • There is a wide range including standard potatoes, Country Value, value added, gourmet potatoes and white and orange flesh sweet potatoes.
  • The latest packaging technology has been chosen so as to minimize the possibility of greening.

Freshline implements sustainable sourcing of product from suppliers that adhere to international food safety standards. This means that products in the Freshline are fully traceable back to the farm where it was produced. The bulk lines such as the 7kg bags are marked with a Pack Date in line with DAFF regulation and this will allow you the customer to make an informed purchase regarding the freshness of the produce.

You can rest assured that Freshline procures top quality products from suppliers that adhere to international food safety standards. All Freshline Potatoes are conveniently washed and ready to use.

Potato Storage Tips

  • Potatoes should always be stored in a well-ventilated and cool place.
  • Try to keep your potatoes out of light.
  • Storing potatoes in the fridge can cause the starch in the spud to turn to sugar. This will leave you with a sweeter potato that discolours when cooked.
  • Potatoes that are stored in the fridge should be allowed to gradually warm to room temperature before cooking. This will reduce the discolouration of the potato.
  • Avoid placing potatoes in areas with high temperatures such as below a sink or next to the fridge.
  • Whenever possible store potatoes in perforated bags to extend their life.
  • Washed potatoes should be used as soon as possible after purchase.