Argh, payday worries. Welcome to week 9 of January. Many South African’s received their December salaries right in the middle of last month. That’s a whole month ago already. And, here’s the really bad news, there’s still a full two week before the next payday. Let’s face it, the December- January pay gap is bad on most normal years, but 2020-2021 has been anything but normal.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Apart from the amazing specials, you’ll find in store, every week, there are a few things you can do to help those last few rands make the stretch to payday and avoid payday worries. Here are our sure-fire payday worry buster ideas:

Ditch Takeaways

Yes, we know it can be hard. But remember back in Level 5 lockdown? Right, now’s the time to dust off the creative cooking we all learnt. Think of it as a diet for your wallet. Eating at home is far healthier than grabbing a takeaway meal anyway.

Stop Afternoon Stops

You know, those quick into the petrol station stops for gum or a snack. If you want those last few rands to get you to payday, then you’re going to have to sacrifice those little “on the way home” snacks and treats. Rather opt to pack yourself lunch with extra fruit or snack from home to see you through until you get home again.

Set Challenges

Divide your week up and set goals to not spend any money of specific days. On other days set financial goals such as spending only R100 on one day or R50 on the other. See if you can make dinner for the family on a set budget. Setting these types of goals will help you more easily reach your financial goals. Once you start reaching your goals, set them higher. For example, instead of not spending for one day, try not spending for two. Doing this regularly is also a great way to train yourself to spend less money.

Cash Only

When you’re ready take the next step and leave your cards at home. Spending money when you can’t see it is much easier than spending hard cash. When you spend in cash, you can easily track on what and where you spend your money.

Check The Cupboards

When was the last time you checked out how much food you have in your freezer and cupboards? There is a good chance that you have more than enough food in there to see you through the next few days without having to buy more. Additionally, while you’re checking out your food stocks, make sure the uses by dates are still in order. A good way to make use of all the odds and ends left around the kitchen is to think creatively about stews and soups.

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