These tips for parents will ensure your little bundles of joy are safe during their whole school day. From the start to finish of the school day the safety of our children is extremely important. With these quick tips for parents, you can ensure your child stays safe all day.

School Bag Safety Tips

The safety of our children is not only about avoiding strangers and not accepting lifts from just anyone. The health of our children is also important. On that note, we need to take a look at the schoolbag chosen for your child. Firstly, ensure that the straps of the bag are padded this will help make carrying the bag easier. If your child will only be attending four different classes on the day encourage them to pack only what they need.

On the point of bag packing, make sure that the heavier items are placed in the centre of the bag. Always remember that your child’s school bag should not be more than 20% of their body weight. Remind your child to clear out their bag every week and to make use of both back straps when carrying their bag around the school during the day.

School Travel Tips

Make sure that you and your child wear safety belts at all times while travelling in the car. Your child should also always be in an age and weight appropriate car seat. It is widely accepted that children under 13 should ride in the rear seat of any vehicle. Do not drive distracted! Put away all phones and always watch the road ahead and around you.

If your child is walking to school make sure that the route they are using is safe. Make sure that your child has easy access to emergency numbers should they need them. Figure out a safe place for your child to go to should they feel unsafe at any time. Always remember that children can come to Karaglen SuperSpar and ask to speak to one of the on-duty managers if they feel they are in danger. Our security personnel at the centre are also trained to help out in situations where children are in danger.

Bullying at School

Bullying is a growing issue in schools. The essence of bulling means that one child picking on another. Bullying can take a variety of forms including emotions, physical and cyber. Each of these forms is as dangerous as the next. If your child is being bullied at school you need to report the matter to officials at the school. Let your child know that they can talk to you or someone else if they are being bullied.

Remind your child that it is alright to ask for help if they are being bullied. Another great way to avoid bullies is for your child to try making friends with different children. Always support any outside school activities your child want to do.