Taking Edenvale By Storm

It’s fun, funky, palatable and great value for money but most of all One Grape wine is taking the local and international market by storm.

Last year, creators and the brains behind One Grape Wines, Ken Arthur and Gareth Rich set out to create a truly unique wine which can be enjoyed by everyone. The wine would also need to be great quality and excellent value for money. In comes One Grape, a truly unique Edenvale wine, and it was launched in April last year.

Building A One Grape Brand

One Grape Wines, Ken Arthur

One Grape Wines founder Ken Arthur.

Today, One Grape is the house wine of top Edenvale restaurants including, Oh! Peri Peri, Fahrenheit, Eira Moura, Brazen Head, and The Deck. In fact, the fabulously funky wine has become so popular that it is shipped to almost 500 restaurants. Easy to drink, value for money One Grape wines are also shipped to 22 hotels across Mauritius. You’ll also find One Grape wines in Italy and Monaco.

“We’re building an international brand from right here in Edenvale,” says Ken. And, in keeping with international wine trends, the One Grape Wines feature striking colourful labels and each one has a unique story to tell. But, don’t waste too much time on the details because life is short.

“We wanted a name that was easy to remember and we wanted to create a fun brand for a fun wine,” says Ken who boasts over 20 years’ experience in the liquor industry. Ken started his career as a liquor distributor working closely with a number of well-known wine farmers. “I got to know the people behind the wines and realised that there is a passion that goes into creating every single bottle of wine.

For The Passion of Wine

“I fell in love with that passion,” says Ken. In creating One Grape wines, Ken gathered grapes from the best farms in the Western Cape and started crafting his own unique brand. Each wine is handpicked to match everything that the One Grape brand stands for.

“The wines are constantly evolving to produce the best local family wine possible. This is a reason One Grape wines are becoming the top go-to local wine and a household name in Edenvale.

When I buy wines I know that I’m dealing with the real people behind the wines and I know that those people are exceptionally passionate about what they do, every day. ,” Ken says. It is this passion which comes through in every bottle of One Grape wine. “If I won’t drink it, then we won’t produce and sell it,” he says.

Get to Know Ken:

  • Ken grew up in Durban and moved to Edenvale for business 21 years ago. “I just never left. I’ve become part of the furniture”.
  • Ken shops at Karaglen SuperSpar. “Karaglen is my daily, weekly and monthly shopping spot.”
  • Ken loves white wine. “Sauvignon Blanc to be exact”.
  • Ken’s wine philosophy – “White wines are best fresh and red wines age better”.

What’s next?

One Grape Holdings will soon launch its own Gin range and a range of Tonics! Keep an eye out.