We love to celebrate special food days, including Shortbread Day. The Christmas decorations are down and the lights packed away. Traditionally, 6 January is the last day of Christmas and the day most people pack away their Christmas goodies.

6 January is also the day that the world celebrates Scotland’s National Cookie the Short Bread biscuit. Sweet and buttery and best served with a fresh cup of morning coffee, Shortbread cookies are a favourite around the world. The history of the Shortbread Biscuit can be traced back to medieval times.

In those days, however, it contained no sugar. Over the years the biscuit recipe evolved into the delicious treat we know today. While we can enjoy Shortbread Biscuits year-round today, it was once reserved for special occasions. These included Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Shortbread Biscuits have become an ideal accompaniment for any occasion of celebration.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion of Shortbread Day we would like to share a stunning and easy shortbread recipe with you. If you want to change things up a little, add a few chocolate chips or even herbs. Alternatively, lemon zest will elevate the taste of your Shortbread.