Favourite Easter Foods – Easter is a time of celebration in South Africa. The long weekend gives South Africans the chance to relax and unwind. But, most of all it gives us a chance to spend time those we love. And, as with any south African celebration, there will be food! Easter food, while lighter than Christmas food, it remains a feast.

Here are the top three South African Favourite Easter Foods

Hot Cross Buns

We like to start every morning of Easter off with a hot cup of coffee and a fresh hot cross bun! Try popping your buns in the microwave for 30 seconds and spread some butter over. Watch as the butter melts. We simply cannot think of a better way to start our day.

If you’re industrious enough and fancy making your own buns we’ll share a stunning recipe in a few days! Be sure to check it out. And, to make sure your homemade buns are a success, here are a few quick tips for making your own.

  • The consistency of your dough is the key to the best hot cross buns. Remember for the best rise of your buns you need to have a soft and sticky dough. This means you’ll be using the most minimum flour possible. Too much flour will mean that your buns will be hard.
  • Your buns will have their best cooking time out of the oven! Wait, what? Yes, once you take your buns out of the oven, you need to let them stand for at least 20 minutes to finish the cooking process. We know it will be hard, but you cannot touch them. They only look cooked when you remove them from the oven but they will dry out once you remove the heat.

Eggs for Easter

Eggs, both chocolate and normal are high up on our list for the favourite Easter foods. Devilled eggs are great as a table snack and don’t forget a lovely Easter breakfast complete with a few scrambled eggs. But the way, do you know what the secret is to the best-scrambled eggs? It’s a little butter! Go on give it a try.


Most of us grew up with a delicious lamb lunch on Easter Sunday. Why not try yours with one of these amazing Lamb sauces.

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