Sustainability is the heart of Karaglen. We have pledged to support a sustainable future for our community, our country, and our planet. We commit to reducing our carbon footprint. And, in doing this we implemented three key green solutions.

At the core of our ethos is the belief that global cleaning lie in each of our hands. And, we hope to inspire others to make more ecologically friendly choices. Our Solar Photovoltaic system has reduced our electricity footprint by a staggering 50%.

The system is installed on our roof space because this area would have been unused. We have also garnered the support of our community with the launch of another greening initiative. We are now able to convert used cooking oil to bio-diesel.

Using Bio-diesel Instore

The diesel created at the centre is used to power generators and bakery ovens. We have also agreed to donate R2 for every litre of used oil dropped off at the centre to Edenvale Child Welfare.

For this project, Karaglen teamed up with Bio-Dynamic Fuel. And, by-products from the oil are also used in the production of various soaps. To further reduce our carbon footprint we have undertaken the full replacement of our fridges at Karaglen SuperSpar.

Older refrigeration units make use of several individual compressor units which equates to the use of more electricity. The technology means each unit is run on a single compressor. This will greatly reduce our emissions and electricity usage.

#SayNo to plastic bags when shopping

In taking our sustainability measures directly to our customers Karaglen SuperSpar offers the choices of recycled plastic, paper or ethically sources material bags for shopping. We take steps to ensure our customers make informed choices when taking their shopping home.

Sustainability remains our top priority. We are looking for a bright and healthy future. And, we hope to find a solution for water sustainability throughout the growing centre. We hope that our efforts will inspire others to take the future into their own hands to make a global change.

Essential tips for taking sustainability home:

  • Turn off unused lights and appliances
  • Use energy-efficient lighting
  • Set a lower geyser temperature
  • Open windows instead of using air conditioners
  • Hand clothing on the washing line instead of using a tumble dryer
  • Recycle glass, plastic, and paper
  • Use grey water in your garden
  • Reuse glass containers for smaller household items
  • Take shorter showers
  • Buy sustainable products
  • Buy locally produced products
  • Plant your own herb and veggie garden
  • Upcycle used furniture
  • Resell and donate unwanted goods
  • Choose tap water over bottled water
  • Choose to walk short distances instead of using your car
  • Buy a gas heater for winter
  • Use paper or material bags for shopping

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