Believe it or not, there is a secret to easy grocery shopping. And, let’s face it, with the way everything is going up, everyone needs as much help as possible to make those rands stretch. Over the year’s we’ve picked up a few of the best secrets in the business and now, we’ll be sharing them with you. These little insider secrets will help you save money.

Avoid Sundays

Those in the retail business will tell you first hand that Sundays are one of the busiest days of the week. If you’re popping into any store for some grocery shopping on a Sunday you’re likely to run into the after church shoppers. Then you’ll also run into ones getting ready to host the family for lunch. And, you’ll also get the others that have put off shopping till now. This means that Sunday’s are considered to be peak times. And, shopping at peak times is never a great idea. Running shopping errands on a Sunday will leave you frustrated and fighting the inevitable crowd. The best time to hit the shops will always be times which are considered as off-peak; late at night or early in the morning and even during the week. We suggest Wednesday’s when you can take advantage of Karaglen’s amazing mid-week specials.

Make A List

Making a shopping list is the easiest way to get everything you need. Sure we all think we can do it, we all think we can shop without a list. But, honestly, how many times have you forgotten the black bags or the salt? The moment you enter the shops without a list you’ll be easily distracted. Additionally, before leaving home, make sure you have everything you need on the list. Double-check the cupboards and fridge too. Another great idea is to dinner prep for the week ahead. Make sure you know what you want to cook and when you want to cook it too. If you want to make your life even easier, list the items according to the layout of Karaglen SuperSpar.

Eat Before You Shop

Deciding to head to the store while you’re hungry is a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up impulsively spending money on things you really only feel like right at that moment and not things you really need. And, if you’re running a tight budget, then you need to stick to it too.

Dairy and Meats Last

When we designed the layout of Karaglen SuperSpar we had a plan in mind. We know better than anyone that not all items stay cool for long. You’ll notice when you enter Karaglen that the fresh produce is right at the entrance and the meats and diary at the other end. This makes for fresher shopping. It is important to make sure you buy your dairy and meats last as these will lose their cold much faster than veggies.