With schools closed until after the Easter weekend, we need to think outside the toy box. We know parents are looking for fun ways to keep their little ones busy. Being at home can be frustrating for the little ones … and parents. Sure the first day is fun and the second day will be a little tiring. After a week, your littlies will be looking for things they haven’t done before and this is where it gets a little trickier.

We believe the key to fighting off boredom during this time is to think outside the toy box. That right, remember those games we used to play as children. Right, now is the time we can bring them back. Here are our top out of the toy box ideas to help you and your children keep busy during school closure:

The Game Box

Remember those? We’re talking activities your little ones can use to keep themselves busy at home. Simply take a box and fill it with self-entertaining activities such as colouring books, handheld game consoles (those 999 in one games are great), puzzles and playing cards. Set aside a specific time each day to pull out the game box. This will give parents a little time to get other things done around the house too.

Little Helpers

Getting things done around the house can be tiresome with little ones running around. But, seeing as you’ve got the little extra hands around, why not use them. Make household chores a fun daily activity for everyone. Fetching and sorting washing, gathering dishes, making beds and setting the table are all great family chores that can be made fun.

Finding Treasure

Set up a treasure hunt in your garden and home for the little ones to follow. Don’t be afraid to make it a little challenging for them either. But, remember to also keep it fun. Hide chocolate coins or stickers which they need to collect for a reward at the end. Give clues verbally or in writing. This is a great way to boost your own creativity too.

Pillow Fort Time

Let your little ones build their own fort. Simply give them a few chairs, a blanket, and pillows and let them go crazy. This is a great way for parents to help their children build motor skills. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, hand the little ones some string and let them set up a few booby-traps to deter parents from entering their fort. Children love the idea of building their own secret base.