New Year’s Eve is often celebrated with friends and family. At these social gatherings, people dance, eat and drink. In many areas around the world, the occasion is also marked with firework displays. The celebrations are known to go way past midnight and into 1 January.

Samoa, Tonga, and Kiritimati (Christmas Island), part of Kiribati, are the first places on Earth to welcome the New Year. American Samoa and Baker Island in the United States of America are among the last. If you are planning to throw a New Year’s Eve party here are our top 5 ideas to make the occasion more family-friendly.

Sparkler Cupcakes

It is easy to make New Year’s dessert extra special by adding sparklers. This idea works especially well if you are using cupcakes. Pop into Karaglen SuperSpar to pick up your ready-made cupcakes to make your celebrations even more effortless.

Confetti Balloon Countdown

Not all family members will make it to midnight, especially the younger ones. A confetti balloon countdown is a great way to welcome in the New Year without keeping the little ones up too late. You can make use of a craft hole punch to punch out confetti from colourful tissue paper. Use half a cold drink bottle to sift the confetti into the balloon and also include a New Year’s resolution. Blow up enough balloons to pop one every hour until midnight or bedtime.

A Milk-and-Cookies Toast

The family friendly, milk-and-cookies toast is a great way to celebrate the arrival of the New Year without the addition of alcohol. The glasses can be prepared in advance by dipping the rim of cocktail glasses I melted chocolate and add a few brightly coloured sprinkles. At midnight or before bedtime fill the glasses with milk and serve with cookies. Next toast the arrival of 2019.

Pizza-Making Station

Celebrating the arrival of a New Year at home is always fun, but you might find that keeping the children entertained can be quite challenging. Adding a pizza station to you celebrations can serve a dual purpose by keeping the children entertained and fed. Children will have a chance to express their creativity in creating their own tasty treats on New Year’s Eve. Pizza dough can be bought or home made in advance.


DIY noise makes are a great way to make sure every member of the can feel included in your New Year’s celebrations. Simply remove the labels from a few plastic water bottles and then set up a decorating station complete with buttons, bells, ribbons, beans and confetti. Once the noise makers are filled, simply screw the lids back on and let the children have some noisy fun.