We all have bad environmental habits. We don’t reuse plastic bags, we waste water and we leave the lights on when we shouldn’t. There are many little things we can do to change our habits. We are dedicated to helping our community make better choices. In August last year, Karaglen SuperSpar joined forces with Bio-Dynamic Fuel to recycle used cooking oil into environmentally friendly Bio-Diesel.

Through the recycling of used cooking oil, Karaglen SuperSpar hopes to see less used oil being poured into the surrounding drains. People have poured used oil down the drain for many years, and this has for the most part gone unnoticed, until the drains begin to block up, that is. Used cooking oil will spread quickly and even the smallest amount can cause large-scale destruction.

Less Waste

At first, the effects of throwing used oil down the drain cannot be felt. But because the sewer system pipes are often cooler than outside, the oil begins to harden. This hardened oil causes blockages in the pipes and you’ll end up spending a small fortune on calling out a plumber. By recycling used oil rather than throwing it down the drain you will save money.

Schools in the Edenvale area have already donated hundreds of liters of used oil. And since the launch of the initiative, many restaurants have also pledged to donate their used oil.

Benefits Local Charities

Bio-Dynamic Diesel turns used cooking oil into bio-diesel right on the Karaglen SuperSpar property. This means you also do not have to travel far to drop your oil off. Simply grab it on your way to the store. For every liter of used oil dropped off in the blue recycling bins at Karaglen SuperSpar, R2 is donated to Child Welfare Edenvale.

Oil to Soap

Glycerine is one of the incredible by-products of during used oil into bio-diesel. It is then used to make soaps and other really amazing things.


Bio-diesel is the environmentally friendly alternative to regular diesel. Unlike the petrol-based diesel alternatives, biodiesel is renewable. Bio-diesel can be used in cars and for heating. At Karaglen SuperSpar the created bio-diesel is used to power the bakery ovens.

Recycling used cooking oil is just one of the many ways Karaglen hopes to create a green future. At Karaglen we believe that sustainability should be our top priority. Drop you used cooking oil off in the large blue recycling container at the entrance to Karaglen SuperSpar.