Venison can be a tricky meat to work with but when prepared correctly will deliver a unique texture and unsurpassed flavour. Additionally, venison is packed with essential nutrients. #VersatileVenison is lower in fat content and cholesterol when compared to other red meats. It is also higher in Omega fatty acids and essential B6 and B12 vitamins.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better and healthier meat for the family. Karaglen SuperSpar stocks a complete range of venison products and ingredients for you to use to become a kitchen master. Have a look at our top tips for cooking the perfect venison below.

What you need to know about cooking venison:

  • Before you start cooking your venison cut, make sure that you remove as much of the silver skin of the meat as possible.
  • The best herb pairing for venison is Parsley. It adds a wonderful earthy taste to your meat.
  • Always use a hot skillet to cook venison. The hot pan will ensure you get that perfect sear on the meat. Never and we mean NEVER put the meat in the pan then heat it up, you’ll only be left with ruined venison.
  • Coarse salt works better on venison that ground salt.
  • The best pan sauce for venison is made from a red wine base. When choosing a red wine for your sauce always pick a wine that you would drink. This means that a cheap wine simply won’t cut it here. By using a cheap wine your dish will only taste cheap.
  • Invest in a braising pot. Trust us, this will change your life and the way you cook venison.
  • Never use cream of anything soup and sauce bases. Rather take the time to make your own sauce. Your venison deserves its own sauce and you’ll thank us for this handy tip!
  • Bourbon and dark beers work very well for braising.
  • Always opt for olive oil because it won’t leave your meat greasy.
  • Venison should NEVER be cooked well-done! Cooking venison well-done will only ruin your meat cut, its texture and its stunning flavour.
  • Venison likes fresh garlic and berries!

There are also 4 essential things you need to keep in mind when cooking your #VersatileVenison.

Never Overcook #VersatileVenison

This has to be the number 1 mistake people will make when choosing to cook venison. Overcooked venison will be tough and gamey. The meat should be served rare or medium to achieve the perfect cook on a venison cut. The one exception to this rule is when you braise the meat.

Matchy Matchy Meat

Before you start to cook your venison cut you need to know which meats can be cooked in which methods. Tender cuts including loins needs to be grilled at high heat. To achieve this you need to pan sear the cuts. Cubed cuts of venison can be slow cooked. These can be paired with sweet sauces

It’s Not Beef

You cannot simply substitute a beef recipe with venison. Venison has a lower fat content which adds to the flavour of the meat. This incredible depth of flavour is exactly what makes venison stand out from other meats.

Dress the Meat

Do not be afraid to make use of marinades and rubs. Dry rubs which include ginger and coffee actually tenderise the meat cuts without making them mushy. Marinades, on the other hand, rely on acids to tenderise the meat without losing the texture and flavour.

Check out these amazing #VersatileVenison recipes:

Venison Roast with Berry Sauce – Consider you next Sunday Lunch prepped and ready to go. This incredible venison roast recipe is sure to be a winner.

Venison Burger with Camembert and Cranberry Chutney – Top the patties with 2 slices of Camembert while still hot. Spread the buns with a bit of mayonnaise, then layer with a patty, cranberry chutney, lettuce, and sliced onions. Yum!

Leg of Venison in Port – Venison goes very well with sweeter ingredients like dried fruit and port. Instead of trying to choose between the two, I like to just add both.