Wine Tasting: Cheese Board Hacks To Save Money

By 18th Feb 2021

We’ve got your essential list of Cheese Board Hacks ready. Drink Wine Day is here and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a budget beating wine tasting at home. We’ve had a look at some of the best looking cheeseboards online. They sure are beautiful. But, they are expensive to put together. So we’ve racked our brains to help you put together a budget cheese board for your next at-home wine tasting.

Before we start, there are a number of combinations that you can play around with when putting together your tasting board. Sweet and sour, tangy and cheesy, or decadent and fruity, the final product would depend on your taste. Then, you also need to know how many people you’re expecting to visit for your tasting. Don’t miss out on our ultimate wine picking masterclass.

The Cheese

When selecting your cheese you need to make sure each person gets about 40g of your selection. We’d suggest a good combination of classic cheddar, blue cheese, cream cheese, Haloumi and camembert.  Place your cheeses on a bard of your choice, don’t forget the cheese knives

The Crackers

Throw in a few Salticrax, Kips, Party Crackers, Sociables, or to make life easy grab a Bakers Snacktime Cracker assortment box. Place these in groups around the board. We like the idea of not having them too far from the cheese.

The Breads

Would cheese board hacks complete without adding a few breads? We’re not talking sliced bread. Think bread sticks or an incredible Village Bread, fresh from our bakery. Don’t overdo it with the bread either, just one or so pieces per person.

The Fruits

Give your Cheese Board a little colour by adding in a selection of fresh seasonal fruits. Grapes, Figs and Berries make amazing accompaniments for a cheese board. Generously dot your board with a varying array of fruits.

The Nuts

No party will ever be complete without a few nuts. Peanuts will do for your Cheese Board. If you’re feeling fancy you can always add in a few other nuts, almonds are amazing.

The Meats

Chat with our deli team to put together a selection of perfectly picked cold meats for your Cheese Board. Roll the meats up and place them around the board. You could also opt for a more South African twist and add biltong to your cheese board.

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