Can you host a Budget Braai Day? Heritage Day is about celebrating our diversity and everything that makes us proudly South African. In fact, a few years ago, Heritage Day was also coined National Braai Day. And, what could be more South African than a braai?  Whether you call it braai, Shisa Nyama or Ukosa, braai’ing is in our blood.

It is around the braai that we celebrate our unity as a country, we celebrate our family, our friends and of course great food. But, during these extraordinary times, our budgets might be a little tight. At Karaglen SuperSpar, we’ve come up with a few Budget Braai Day ideas to help you host the perfect braai, without breaking the bank.

Strategic Meats for a Budget Braai Day

When you head out to buy your meats for braai day this year look out for specials. Also, remember if you are hosting a braai there’s no need to overbuy. Think about what people will eat and be realistic about how much they will eat. There’s really no need to buy two Texan steaks to feed four people. Some of your go-to budget braai meats are:

  • Bulk Rump of Porterhouse Steak
  • Beef Espatadas
  • Texan Steak
  • Chicken Flattie
  • Boerewors
  • Spare Ribs

Serve a Side Salad

Salads and braai go together like early mornings and Hadedas. Salads lighten up an often heavy braai meal. And, when you serve a lekker salad you don’t need to serve as much meat. As a bonus, you can prepare your salads the night before to give you more time to socialise on Braai Day. Here are a few of our top South African braai salads:

  • Potato Salad
  • Beetroot Salad
  • Carrot Salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Green Salad

Added Budget Braai Day Extras

As much as a salad adds to your braai, so do the accompaniments you serve. Some of the best South African braai extras are braai’d sweetcorn, braaibroodtjies, garlic bread, stuffed mushrooms or baked potatoes.

Family Day Out

Get the family out into the fresh air and take them for a family braai picnic. With so many great parks around Johannesburg, you’d be spoilt for choice. The children will have a chance to run around and have run. And, parents can take a few hours to relax from the crazy that life has been over the last few months. Use these amazing Budget Braai Day tips to get the most out of your Heritage Day.